Six13 - Elton Johnukah

Song: Elton Johnukah

Original Music by: Elton John; Original Lyrics by: Bernie Taupin

Six13’s Lyrics by: Elliot Olshansky, Rachel Mazor, Lior Melnick, Mike Boxer, Nathaniel Ribner and Josh Sauer

Sung by: Six13

Elton Johnukah

Donuts with jelly
Latkes in the pan
We love to see ya
Tiny dreidels in our hands
Spin a gimmel, tiny dreidel
Count the eight lights burning brightly
Light the candles to remember
The miracles of yesterday
I remember when the Seleucids
Said we couldn’t circumcise our kids
Study Torah or keep kosher homes
It was all too much and Mattathias said “No!”
We gave Antiochus quite a shock
Fought back his army with spears and rocks
Now today, you’ll never find them on our block
And throughout all the ages, God has been our rock
Am Yisrael chai / עם ישראל חי (The People of Israel lives) (3x)
And I think it’s gonna be a long eight nights
To celebrate the Festival of Lights
Commemorate the miracle of oil
Oh, nes gadol / נס גדול (Great miracle)
I’m a latke man
Latke man, frying up this food of potato
Yes, I think we’re gonna have a real good time
I hope this recipe will come out right
I’ve never made sufganiyot at home
Oh, no, no, no
I'm a latke man . . .
And the Maccabees, they lit their lights
Like the candles in the window
Always knowing they’d see victory
When the Greeks came in
And although the Great Menorah
Is no longer lit
The oil burned out long ago
Traditions never did
We can never know what it’s like
Only having oil left for just one night
Just a tiny little light that shined so true
But then a miracle occurred:
It burned for eight nights through
Don’t you know we’re still standing, each and every Yid
‘Cause the Jews are true survivors
Yeah, we beat the Seleucids
Yeah, the oil kept burning, after all eight nights
Like Judah and the Maccabees who wouldn’t give up on the fight
We’re still standing (4x)

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