• A Beautiful Story Photo: A Beautiful Story

    A Grandson of slaves, a boy was born in a poor neighborhood of New Orlean known as the "Back of Town." 

    His father abandoned the family when the child was an infant. His mother became a prostitute, and the boy and his sister

  • Embracing Grief Embracing Grief

    Embracing Grief

    Sermon by Keren Tarr

  • Family Reunited After a Pendant Identical to Anne Frank's is Found

    A peculiar triangular pendant probably no longer than an inch in any direction, strikingly similar to a pendant known to be owned by world-known Holocaust victim Anne Frank, was recovered during archaeological excavations of the

  • Jeff Persitz Cocaine

    Jeff Persitz has always been a type-A let’s go for it kind of person. From the time of his bar mitzvah being busy was a daily prerequisite. This fast paced lifestyle kept him from taking the time to truly experience the emotional part

  • Light in the Midst of Darkness: the Story of the Hardaga Family

    Two families survive brutality and murder by helping each other escape it.

  • Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds: Faith, Family, Friends, Freedom

    This short video encapsulates the incredibly extraordinary actions of a non-Jewish American prisoner of war in defending fellow Jewish soldiers from an almost certain death on a cold January day back in the Second World War.

  • Noah's Bubbe Noah's Bubbe

    Kathleen Moore is an RN, a mental health counselor, specializing in the field of grief and loss, and a person with impeccable taste in music. If you were to address her more formally, you'd refer to her as Dr. Moore. She has a PhD in

  • Tom Kapusta Tom Kapusta

    Tom Kapusta loved his father. Tom was proud of his career in the military. After learning about the seventh day Sabbath, Tom's faith in God was challenged in both of these areas that were dear to him. His father disowned him for


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