Jacob Gets Married, and Married – The Deceiver is Deceived


After fleeing from home because of his brother’s anger and threats after Jacob deceived their father and stole the blessing, Jacob finally arrived in Harran the town of his uncle Laban.

When Jacob arrives at the well he finds 3 herds of sheep with their shepherds waiting for additional shepherds to come and help roll away the stone.

When Jacob’s cousin Rachel comes with her father’s sheep Jacob musters up amazing strengthen and moves the stone himself.

After revealing who he is to Rachel she runs home and tells her father who comes and invites Jacob to stay with them.

Work for a wife:

After seeing what a good worker Jacob is his uncle Laban asks him what he would like for wages. Jacob says he will work seven years for Laban’s younger daughter Rachel.

Jacob works the seven years and they seem to go fast.

The deceiver deceived:

At the end of the seven years Jacob asks Laban to give him his wages, Rachel as his wife. Unbeknown to Jacob Laban switches out the younger daughter Rachel for the older daughter Leah.

In the morning Jacob is shocked and infuriated. He complains to Laban who agrees to give Rachel for another seven years of service.

The parallels:

The parallels between Jacob and Leah are amazing:

  • Jacob pretended to be his older brother

        Leah pretended to be her younger sister 

  • Jacob was encouraged by his mother

        Leah was encouraged by her father 

  • Jacob knew birthright rule, worked to take it

        Jacob knew the first born rule, tried to ignore it 

  • Jacob was destined to receive the birthright

        Leah was destined to be Jacob’s wife 

  • Jacob deceived to fulfill God’s will

        Jacob was deceived to fulfill God’s will

Powerful Parallels:

The parallels between that list and the Messiah are even more amazing.

Join Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky as he takes us much deeper into this story than meets the eye, as well as helping us see the Messiah in the midst of it all.

Come along for the Adventure, you will stay for the Shalom – ShalomAdventure.com.

You can view all of Shalom Adventure videos at ShalomAdventure.lightcast.com.


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