Top 10 Awesome IDF Innovations

Top  10 Awesome IDF Innovations

Produced by Israel’s ILTV this flashing list of military hardware declares the advantages of IDF technology employed on the battlefield.

Any aficionado of military history and hardware ought to be fascinated by this one minute twenty second presentation. It’s major problem is that despite the too-quick flashing list of hardware that requires several replays to appreciate, the last twenty seconds fills your screen real estate with icons and adverts for the producer – ILTV.

The first sixty seconds of the video should be replayed until the list is understood. It’s a great list, but it’s slapped together by ILTV in a haphazard fashion that doesn’t do justice to the subject at hand or the men and women who depend upon the technology. 

The material is very interesting.  The low production value of the video is disappointing. Avoid the irritating drum solo and turn your sound off when you view the video. Replay it several times. The information is quite good even if the last twenty seconds isn’t.

Written by Richard Paracka


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