IDF Exposes Hamas Command Center Beneath UNRWA HQ in Gaza

The main headquarters for the UN relief agency for Palestinians (UNRWA) had a huge terrorist command center tunnel right underneath it filled with computer servers, communication lines, electric lines, battery backup systems, and large stock piles of weapons. The electricity for Hamas’ terror command center was directly connected to the UNRWA headquarters. 

Thus the UN (and tax dollars from all the countries that support it) were providing electricity for a terrorist organization. Not only was the terrorist tunnel filled with weapons, the UNRWA headquarters also had hamas weapons in it.  

Many of UNRWA employees were members of hamas. UNRWA employees participated in the Simchat Torah Oct 7th, 2023 attempted genocide against Jews and Israelis. UNRWA employees celebrated the massacre. Some UNRWA employees held some Israelis as hostages in their homes.  

The UN has one relief agency for all the refugees from every country in the world (UNHCR). It has been very successful in finding new home countries for the refugees from conflicts around the world. The Palestinians are the only ones who have their own specifically designated UN relief agency for refugees (UNRWA). The UN agency just the Palestinians (UNRWA) has a larger budget (even five times more) and more staff than the agency for all the rest of the world (UNHCR). The one for the Palestinians (UNRWA) has not found one new homeland for any of the Palestinian refugees in more than 75 years of existence while UNHCR finds new homes in new homelands for almost all of their refugees. UNHCR considers only the person who fled their home as a refugee, but UNRWA considers children, grandchildren, and all descendants. as refugees even to the fifth generation and beyond. There are only a handful of “real” Palestinian refugees left (according to the world standard definition of a refugee – the person who fled their home), but UNRWA claims millions of Palestinians as refugees because it has not found homes for any of its real refugees and because it counts all the descendants as refugees. For more about the differences between the two agencies watch this very interesting video.  It has now been revealed with full evidence that UNRWA has not only not helped the Palestinians, but it has also been used to hurt Israel and the Jewish people. 

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