This is Israel (in 60 seconds)

Israel in real life cannot be experienced in 60 seconds.

Israel in real life cannot be experienced in 60 seconds. It cannot be experienced in even a ten day tour of the land, and probably takes more than 60 days to take in the magnitude of all this tiny country has to offer.

It may be a small nation about the size of New Jersey, but it is jam packed with 2,000 years of history, as well as no shortage of breathtaking sunset photo-ops where the azure waters of the Mediterranean meet the coastline, entrepreneurships contrasted with simple farming and day-to-day sustenance, a huge sense of self-sufficiency, festivities year round contrasted with the solemnity of prayer, magnificent beaches, an eclectic mixture of ancient and cosmopolitan, the dichotomy of high-tech innovations and discoveries contrasted with ancient simple falafel and fruit stands along the streets, electric cars and high speed trains juxtaposed against bicycles and simple pedestrians as modes of transportation.

Israel has a little bit of something for everyone, but from experience, it takes more than 60 seconds, 60 minutes, 60 hours, and probably more than 60 days just to take it in, to wrap your mind around the depth and profoundness of it all, and realize this country has way more years of profound, colorful history than the United States has even been in existence.

Written by Erin Parfet








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