Six 13 -Bohemian Chanukah

Six 13 -Bohemian Chanukah

The a capella musical group 613 is devoted to connecting the Jewish people worldwide with their ancient roots through music and song.

 This group has won many musical awards for their performances, and have historically performed at the White House in addition to various synagogues, Jewish schools, bar and bat mitzvahs, and various community events. This is one piece they have composed in observance of Chanukah.

Is this the eighth night
We light with family?
Recall with great pride
Our escape from Greek tyranny?

Kindle the lights
Remember the Maccabees
How did those five boys Lead us to victory?
Well, they stood up against mighty foes
With their oil running low
Now we sing while lights glow

Ma'oz tzur yeshuati Yeshuati Judah,
our faith was banned
Evil Antiochus said
No more Torah could be read
Judah, Mattathias' son
You would not throw our heritage away Judah...

(Nes gadol haya po) Am Yisrael Chai
These miracles our people will recall ("Guitar" solo)

I spun a gimmel, now I've got a lot of gelt
Sevivon, sevivon, will you spin this clay dreidel?
Chanukiah lighting, presents are delighting me!
Chanukiah! Chanukiah! Chanukah! Sevivon! Sufganiyot!

I light the candles with people who love me
He lights the candles with his whole family
Sharing the joy of our proud history!

Sevivon, sov, sov, sov More sufganiyot?
More latkes... No! Please more sufganiyot?
Sevivon! More latkes...
Please more sufganiyot? Sevivon!
More latkes... Please more sufganiyot? Sevivon!
More sufganiyot?

Spinning, spinning, spinning, spinning sevivon!
Lo, lo, lo, lo, lo, lo, lo!
 Oh aba, ema, aba, ema...Aba, more sufganiyot?

We fry our food as we celebrate the Maccabees
We're free, we're free!

So you think you can serve latkes baked and not fried
But you know oil recalls those miraculous lights
Oh, bubbe Can't do this to me, bubbe
Just gonna need more
Just gonna need more sour cream Know what really matters
Like the Maccabees Know what really matters
Thanks to G-d, our people are free Nes gadol haya po...

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