Six13 - A Star Wars Chanukah

Six13 - A Star Wars Chanukah

Six13, a well-known musical group who has performed before millions including sitting US presidents and numerous synagogues and other special events has composed this creative song in honor of the Chanukah season and the Star Wars films that many are familiar with.


Baruch ata Hashem Elokeinu,
Blessed are You, Lord our God, Melech haolam
King of the universe Asher kidishanu bemitzvotav
Who has sanctified us with His commandments
Vitzivanu lehadlik ner shel Chanukah
And commanded us to kindle the Chanukah light
She'asita la'avoteinu bayamim
Who performed miracles for our forefathers in those days
haheim baz'man hazeh at this time (SEVIVON, SOV SOV SOV)
Sov, sov, sov, sevivon, sevivon
Spin, spin, spin, dreidel, dreidel
Chanukah hu chag tov, sevivon
Chanukah is a great holiday, dreidel Chag simcha hu la'am
It is a happy holiday for the nation Nes gadol haya sham
A great miracle happened there
Sov, sov, sevivon, sevivon
Spin, spin, dreidel, driedel (MA'OZ TZUR)
Ma'oz tzur y'shuati
Mighty stronghold of my salvation
L'cha na'eh l'shabe'ach
To praise You is a delight Tikon beit
Restore my house of prayer V'sham todah n'zabe'ach
And there we will bring an offering
of thanks Rock of Ages, praise
Your saving power Furious they assailed,
but Your armor veiled us
And Your word broke their sword when
our own strength failed us
Yes, Your word broke their sword when
our own strength failed us
Rock of Ages, let our song praise
Your saving power (DUEL OF THE FOODS)
Latke!! Sufganiyah!! (AL HANISIM)
 Al hanisim, v'al hapurkan, v'al hag'vuro
For the miracles, and for the redemption, and for the mighty deeds,
v'al hat'shu'ot, v'al hamilchamot
and for the saving acts, and for the wonders
She'asita la'avoteinuwhich performed miracles for our forefathers
bayamim haheim baz'man hazeh
in those days, at this time (CHANUKAH BLESSINGS) shehecheyanu v'kiy'manu
He has granted us life, sustained us, v'higiyanu laz'man hazeh
and enabled us to reach this day.

Written by Erin Parfet


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