• Alan Reinach Photo: Alan Reinach

    Outwardly Alan Reinach appeared to be an unlikely candidate for God's kingdom, but in his heart he was searching for truth. But a phone call from an old friend, inviting him to Hawaii to hear the truth of the universe, dramatically

  • Ethiopian Jews of Israel

    The amazing story of the Ethiopian Jews of Israel. It's a story about faith, living up dreams and overcoming everything. This is the core of Zionism.

  • How Are We Speaking?

    I have noticed that sometimes faith communities who believe in the Bible can come to have a cultural understanding of their faith rather than a personal one.

  • Kuwl

    Sermon by Keren Tarr.

    Emergency room. Surgery. Six hours. Your husband may die. Why, God? Why? Keren Tarr shares her dramatic experience and rich biblical study.

  • Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds: Faith, Family, Friends, Freedom

    This short video encapsulates the incredibly extraordinary actions of a non-Jewish American prisoner of war in defending fellow Jewish soldiers from an almost certain death on a cold January day back in the Second World War.

  • Mount Tabor Mt. Tabor

    Mount Tabor is a curiously beautiful mountain that pops up out of the Jezreel Valley. It is very easy to identify because of its perfectly domed shape. The shape is so perfect it makes it look human-made. From where it sits near the

  • Parashat Shelach-Lecha Rahab hiding spies

    Parasha for the Week: Shelach-Lecha: Numbers 13:1 – 15:41.

    Haftarah: Joshua 2.

    Besorat Yeshua: Mark 4:35 – 5:8.

  • What Does it Cost to be Faithful

    The ancient story of Job (whom many people believe was written by Moses) in the Bible has encouraged many men and women throughout the ages.

  • What Does it Cost to be Faithful? Illustration: Job, covered with boils, sits listening to his friends.

    The ancient story of Job in the Bible has encouraged many men and women throughout the ages. The account reveals the very real activity of a very real devil (Satan) and his malevolent designs against a faithful follower of God.

  • What Faith Looks Like

    Some conscientious believers really want to know what being right with God looks like.

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