Mount Tabor

Mt. Tabor

Mount Tabor is a curiously beautiful mountain that pops up out of the Jezreel Valley. It is very easy to identify because of its perfectly domed shape. The shape is so perfect it makes it look human-made. From where it sits near the eastern end of the valley it has a wonderful view of the area where so many events took place.

One event of great significance that took place at Mount Tabor involved Israel’s Jewish prophetess and judge Deborah.

Deborah lived somewhere during the 450 year period of time between Moses and King David. During her time Israel was attacked by Canaanites. Israel was greatly outnumbered and Israel’s defense minister, Barak, was afraid to go to battle against the Canaanites. Deborah prophesied that God would give Israel the victory, but still Barak was afraid to go unless Deborah went with him. Deborah did go with him, but she told him the glory for the victory was not going to go to him, but to a woman. Deborah and Barak lead the army of Israel to the top of Mt. Tabor while King Jabin’s army was down in the valley. Israel began to win the war. The Canaanite commander, Sisera, ran for his life and tried to hide in the tent of a man named Heber the Kenite. Heber’s wife, Jael, gave Sisera some milk and put him to sleep. While he was sleeping she took a tent peg and nailed it through his skull. I guess you could say she gave him a splitting headache. I wonder if that is where the term “you got him pegged” came from. Anyway, Israel won the war because of God’s blessings and the bravery of Deborah and Jael. Deborah was hailed as a mother in Israel.

Oh that there were more faithful mothers and fathers of Israel today in our land and around the world who are willing to obey God and move forward in faith in Him.

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To read more about the prophetess Deborah click here.

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