Hagar and Ishmael

Sarah’s Plan

As a result of impatience with God fulfilling His promises, and in an attempt to “help” God fulfill His promises, Sarah comes up with a plan that has caused trouble for millions of people for thousands of years all throughout the world.

Why did God allow her plan to go through?

What has been the result of her plan?

How did Sarah react when the plan did not turn out how she expected?

What lessons can we learn from it for our lives?


Where was Hagar from?

How did she end up being Sarah’s servant?

What twists and turns took place in their relationship?

How does Hagar react to the various encounters she has in this chapter?


What did God prophecy regarding Ismael and his descendants?

Has it been fulfilled yet?


What important lesson do we learn about God through this whole account?

How does this knowledge of this aspect of God’s character effect our lives?

Those are just a few of the questions Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky will be discussing in this video.

Join as he answers these very important questions.

Come along for the Adventure, you will stay for the Shalom – ShalomAdventure.com.

You can view all of Shalom Adventure videos at ShalomAdventure.lightcast.com.

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