Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Why???  Why does God allow suffering?

In light of all the suffering that takes place in the world it is easy to wonder why does God allow all this suffering?  Why did God allow so many Israelis to be tortured, abused, captured, and killed on Simcha Torah 2023? Why did God allow the Holocaust with 6 million Jews killed in horrendous ways? And many others have suffered tremendously as well. Really all have suffered in some ways, with some more, and some even much more than others. Why? Why does God allow it?

Some will even wonder if there is a God.  Or if there is a God, some have concluded He doesn’t care about us, or is not active in our world any longer.

Is there a God?

We do know there is a God. How do we know? Look in a mirror, look outside. Do you have two eyes? As complex as our eyes are even one eye is an absolutely astounding creation that would be statistically impossible to come about by mere chance and random selection (and a tiny little fly’s eye is even more amazing in some ways). But when you add to that we have two eyes, that are in perfect symmetrical relationship to each other, the same color, the same size, and that they work in harmony with each other is a statistical impossibility way beyond reason. And then you can multiply those statistical impossibilities by the fact we have two arms, perfectly symmetrically opposite of each other working together, two legs, two ears, two nostrils, two lungs, two sets of matching ribs, two hip sockets, and on and on and on (and a centipede has how may matching legs?)  There definitely is a master Creator who has designed all this and brought it into being.

We also know there is a God because of all the multitude of amazing Bible prophecies that have been fulfilled. Some naming people years before they were born like King Cyrus, or others with specific dates of specific events that would take place. Only a living God, who is still active in the world today could give the prophets the ability to be so accurate.

But does God care about us today? 

Sometimes it is easy to see that God loves us, sometimes it is not so easy. But God definitely does love us with an infinite love that is way beyond any love we can have for anyone, even when He allows suffering.

In this week’s drasha (sermon) Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky helps us understand why God allows suffering even to those whom He loves.

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