Israel Applies for 2nd Astronaut

Israel Applies for 2nd Astronaut

Will Israel send its second Israeli astronaut to space in the near future? Representatives of the Israel Space Agency at the Science and Technology Ministry have made the first move toward this goal by applying to add an Israeli astronaut to the International Space Station (ISS)....


According to Science Ministry officials, the international space agency heads did not reject the request and promised to review it....

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said there was a good chance that a second Israeli astronaut would be placed in space. However, as NASA no longer sends manned space shuttles, astronauts based in the ISS are launched from Russia....

"We are looking into the option of sending an Israeli scientist or researcher," he said....

When will we see an Israeli in the International Space Station?

"It's too early to say because we've just started working on it. It will take at least three years, because even after someone is chosen he'll have to take a two-and-a-half-year course...

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Posted on Shalom Adventure by: Verna-Lee Small

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