Shalom Sesame Missing Menorah

Shalom Sesame was developed by the same group that created Sesame Street in collaboration with an Israeli group counterpart, Rechov Sumsum, and was designed to introduce American children to fundamental aspects of Jewish culture, Israel, and the Hebrew language.

This video introduces children to the concept of Chanukah in a simple straightforward way.

The series is featured in alternating Hebrew and English, and stars Kippi Ben Kippod, a porcupine, and Moishe Oofnik as the parallel characters to Big BIrd and Oscar the Grouch. Benz, Arik, and Kermit Tzefarde parallel Bert, Ernie, and Kermit the Frog respectively. Shalom Sesame has been featured on PBS in the United States, and on EMTV in Israel, though in Israel, the show is featured solely in Hebrew without the bilingual aspects that there are in America.

Written by Erin Parfet

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