Did Jews Fight the Nazis During WWII?

Did Jews go like sheep to the slaughter during World War II?

Jewish Resistance

No, not everyone. Jewish history is full of warriors like Joshua, David, Debrorah, the Maccabees, and Bar Kokhba, and during WWII Jewish resistance groups sprung up and fought the Nazis.

Resistance in Belarus

The Bielski brothers, Tuvia, Asael, Zus, and Aharon, not only fought, they also created a hidden community, sheltering over 1,200 Jews in the Belarusian forests, throughout the entire war.

Resistance in Poland

There was a resistance group in the Warsaw ghetto, led by Mordechai Anielewicz, that fought the Nazis off for 63 days, from April 16 - May 19, 1943.

This video shares how the Jews fought and resisted the Nazis during World War II.  

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