Abram and Lot Break Up

Genesis 13 - Abram and Lot Break Up: Sermon by Messianic Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky.

Abraham and Lot were relatives, uncle and nephew. Lot’s father, Abraham’s brother, died young and Abraham became a father figure to him.

They went through many experiences and challenges that drew them even closer together: moving, traveling, working, building up wealth, grieving, surviving draughts, famines, and the hardships of living among potentially hostile neighbors.

Yet when they began to obtain wealth they argued to the point of splitting up.

Many times that is like us.

Real Enemies:

We need to realize who our real enemies are; often they are not the people we are arguing with. Lot and Abram where not enemies, yet they were fighting, while the real “challenges” were dwelling in the land.

Divorces, congregational splits, and ended friendships take place because we don’t know who the real enemies are. We often fight with those who we are closest with, yet those are not our real enemies.

Rabbi Jeff Zaremsky explains how to avoid such arguments that can lead to splits, and how to know who our real enemies are.

In this passage we learn of some more wonderful promises that God gave to Abraham which are for us as well.

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